Cape Cod Walking Tours

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Outer Cape Tours

You will receive a full refund of the tour price if you cancel 24 hours or more before the start date of the adventure. If you are a no-show for your booked tour, payment will not be refunded.
Significant rain or weather may result in a postponement of your Outer Cape Tour. You will be re-booked at a new time or date. If this is not possible, you may receive a voucher for a future tour or a refund.

Unforeseeable Events

You may receive a refund of the tour price if you are prevented from taking the tour because of an unforeseeable event that is out of your control and occurs after booking, such as impersonal events that make it dangerous or impossible to safely undertake a tour, such as: travel restrictions imposed by governments; extreme weather; earthquake; and natural disaster.

Cancellation Procedure

We will process your cancellation/refund request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge any verbal/over-the-phone requests or voicemail. Verbally speaking with our customer service representatives without sending an email to [email protected] will not guarantee that your cancellation has been processed or acknowledged.